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Bill gets his wallet out and pays for SEX

Hi fellow queers ;0) I thought I'd drop Gay Ads a line as I noticed that within the members section you can track down rent boys and I had to drop you a line and tell you about my first experience with a rent Boi.

I've been out for 2 years now before that I was married and whilst at the time of getting married I had some thoughts of other guys really just put that down to some odd phase I was going though and kinda thought it would just go away - but it didn't!!!

Then one day the wife caught me looking at some gay porn online and really everything just came out, the daft thing was I'd never even been with a bloody guy it just kept digging away in the back of my mind and even when visiting the local loos was so tempted after reading the graffiti on the walls but doing ANYTHING in a toilet in my books was just madness with idiot gay bashers & the police going around - plus can you imagine IF that's how the wife found out FUCK!!! But it didn't matter now as she knew - and flipped!

Our marriage soon finished after that as she said she just couldn't trust me anymore and I wasn't really that bovered as lov had left us a long time ago and we were just living together, but now I was able to really find out about my feelings towards other guys so I joined a few sex contacts sites but really didn't know what to say and although some ads said about not having much experience at least they had some - after all the only cock I'd touched was mine LOL.

So I sat there looking around at the ads then noticed that within the search feature you could search for contacts that were offering paid services - Mmmmmmm now that got the old head thinking .......................

So I refined my searching to Gay Rent Boys in my county and to my surprise 4 guys came up, one was really way too young for me, I was not into the twink looking gays plus as I was 39 and this was going to be first really wanted someone around my age. The next guy was also young but the third one was 30, fucking horny and lived, or at least worked (if that's what you call it), not too far from me so I dropped him a line.

I didn't hear anything back from him and for a while thought it was just another scam to get money out of gay guys to join some fake site, then the next day I logged in and had a reply from him giving me his mobile number and asking me to phone him - "shitting hell, what do I do". Sod it I'd gone down this road and need to know so phoned him up.

His name was Rob well at least that's what he told me and yes his profile is on this site ;0) We chatted for a while and I told him that I'd never been with a guy and just need to find out! He asked what and I told him if I was gay or not, as I'd often thought about it but never done anything, so we arranged to meet up at the local bar - as I knew I would need something to settle my nerves.

Continued here ................


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