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Sucking a Rent boi off true life Stories

First Page Part One

Right on time Rob walked into the pub and fortunately I'd gotten there a good while earlier and had a few drinks, not too much just enough to settle my nerves a little bit. He walk over sat down and we start chatting away. I'd managed to get a table in the corner of the pub as it was really very private and would be also impossible for anyone to hear what was said or even done.

He asked me a few questions about what I'd seen and the things that turned me on and when I told him that I'd done nothing he really was taken back and said that he'd never had a client that was a complete virgin, with this he moved around the table getting closer to me, took my hand and placed it on his leg "go on feel me". I could feel myself getting hotter and knew my face was bright red when he moved his hand down onto my cock "Fuck Bill, you may not be sure but your cock is" with this we both laughed, come on let's go back to mine.

His flat was just around the corner, or should I say room! He told me he rented this off another guy that's also a rent boy and they share the running cost - "He's not here is he?" "Nah don't worry it's just us two" and then walked over to me undid his pants and dropped his trousers to the floor, I nervously did the same not looking down as I was so unsure what to do.

Rob told me to sit back onto the sofa and as I sat down told me to remove my shorts as he wanted to look at my cock, so I pulled them straight down and sat back. It was really odd being naked with another guy but I also knew it felt so right and wanted a lot more. He slowly moved up my tights kissing and licking me which had the desired effect as my cock was solid and in desperate need of attention but as I also knew I was worked up that I had to take my time otherwise this would be over before it even started.

When he got to my balls I nearly came on the spot and had to grab his head - "HOLD ON, STOP!!! Let me play!" He laughed and sat back on the sofa, which was my cue to get between his legs - funny thing is although I'd never done anything like this it felt right! Now it was my turn ;0)

As I knelt between his legs all the was on my mind was this cock that was almost waving towards me "come and get me" so rather than the gentle tease that Rob offered I went straight for the meat - "YUM YUM feeding time!" It was really odd touching another guy but as I knew what turned me on just played with him in the same way which got the result I wanted!!

I then decided that enough was enough and I wanted to suck my first cock - I move up towards him and slowly licked the end of his cock, the feeling was odd nothing like what I expected. I continued to lick around the end of his dick, flicking it with my tongue and making it jump each time, then letting it slowly enter my mouth a bit more my tongue followed the contour of the bell end and my tongue started to get between the end and the foreskin - this really felt strange but Rob seemed to be enjoying it! Using my fingers I slowly pulled his foreskin back and properly started sucking and licking which made Rob start to groan, he then moved his hand onto the back of my head and push gently down.

I really was surprised just how far I was able to take his cock, after all I'd seen porn videos where guys would just suck a cock right back and not even gag but I thought that would be a long way off for me, but here I was in fucking heaven sucking Robs cock! I suddenly noticed that really he was taking control and was fucking my month.

"Do you want it in the mouth?"

This was something for years I'd dreamed about and so I just sucked him even harder which he took as an indication to fuck my mouth harder and push down on my head. Then suddenly I felt his cum hit the back of my throat it was really odd but incredibly horny - so much that I felt myself cum almost at the same time! I pulled my head back looking at his cock and noticed some more cum on his cock so I licked it off and couldn't resist just sucking him down one more time. When I pulled back he could see that I'd also cum and smiled - "I presume you enjoyed that?"

I went back to see Rob a few times afterwards just really to build my confidence up but now meet loads of guys, some from here and others at clubs and bars.



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