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Spit Roasting Gay Dogging Story

my first spit roasting dogging I was fucked silly by two guys ................

I’ve always enjoyed a bit of cottaging either meeting with other gay, bi guys or even the odd straight guy.. its funny how a guy that wouldn’t think twice about having sex with another guy will consider oral sex at some dogging location……desperate times I wonder !!

But something I’ve never had a gay spit roasting at a dogging location, I’ve read the odd posting from guys on the forum saying about trying a gay threesome but I’ve never come close to getting this myself, so I wanted to do something about this and posted on the forum for a meet hopefully with two gay guys

The gay forum especially in the cottaging / dogging section is normally pretty active but was it was getting towards autumn the nights were starting to chill and I was wondering if I was going to be able to get my way before summer kicked in

I didn’t log into the forum for a few days and just out interest logged in and to my surprise saw this posting by a guy & he said his boyfriend would be more than up for a bit of dogging spit roasting so a meet was arranged

I drove to this very quiet location, in fact I didn’t even know guys meet there but apparently it was a popular local dogging location with loads of straight and gay guys using it (drop me a message and I’ll tell you where). I parked up and walked over to the secluded place where they told me to meet then and looked out for a picnic tables as that’s where they said to meet so headed of in the dark

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Getting to the picnic area there was no one around at first and I did wonder maybe I’d wasted my time but still walked over to one of the picnic tables and sat down waiting around, then I heard someone approaching from the other side of car park and saw a couple of guys walking over.

They both reached me and as we’d chatted online we knew just why we were there and one of the guys that was sat on the picnic table unzipped his jeans and got out a semi erect cock out and that was all I needed to want to start so standing up I walked over and bent over and took him straight into my mouth

He placed his hands behind my head and pushed down talking the full length of his cock with ease as I’m a bit of deep throat expert and guys love fucking my mouth as I never gag and I’ve never had a cock so big that I can’t take fully down ….don’t believe me? Contact me bet you don’t make me gag

I was now getting well fucked and it was when I felt some hands around my waste and my belt being undone that I knew the guy behind me wanted his bit of fun. With my trousers and my ankles I heard the familiar sound of gel being squeezed out and some lube was pushed into my arse and finger used to work it around

The other guys fully erect cock was now fucking my mouth and was pushing so he was almost tickling my tonsils…did it worry me ..nope. The other guy was now teasing my arse fingering & probing me. Pulling his finger out he suddenly without warning rammed his cock all the way inside me which made me gasp in pleasure!

I was now taking both of them at the same time, one fully into my mouth the other now fully inside my arse. Whilst I’d had a gay spit roasting before this was my first outdoor one and I was loving it, and was being used there was no tomorrow.He was pumping my arse so hard and knew these two were basically hear for one thing alone to use me as a cum dump and I was just waiting to take my load at both ends

The intensity between these two guys was intense as they were both fucking me at both ends and knew it wouldn’t be long and I was first rewarded by the guy cuming into my arse and then a few seconds later the guy shot his load into my mouth and I swallowed every drop….

For my first dogging spit roasting it was great and I’ve arranged to meet the guys next week for another season




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