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Glory Holes Cottaging Story

Mark from Portsmouth, Bransbury Park Toilets

My name is Mark and I've been living in Portsmouth for the last 5 years. I recently admitted to myself that I was gay, as for a long time I've been thinking about going with guys but never did anything about it, then one day last week after visiting friends in Eastney I needed the loo on the way home so called into the public toilets at Bransbury Park. I've found going to cottaging locations / public toilets a bit of a learning curve reading what other guys had written on the walls and on a few occasions even having a quick wank if I got really horny but I've never done anything else in the fear of getting caught by the police. Coming out to one's self is one thing but having your name all over the local papers cos you got caught with your pants down in the loo is another!!

I only needed a piss, but so I could check out the graffiti went into the cubicle, there was loads of stuff on the walls - all the usual crap about wanting to meet guys here and text numbers to send messages to arrange meets, but I'm sure they are just straight guys putting mates mobile numbers up so I've never replied to any. While reading I then noticed a hole in the wall, I've heard about glory holes but never found a public loo that had one so I sat down and started reading all the graffiti from guys that had been sucked off.

Then someone walked into the toilet and into the next cubicle. I quickly sat back as I didn't want him to see me looking through the hole, but after a few moments he asked me if I wanted to suck his cock off!!! Fuck want do I do? Do I run out or do something about it. After all my only worry in the past about having sex in a public toilet was getting caught but with me inside the cubicle and the other guy the same how could that happen? So this was my first chance to suck a guys cock would I turn and run!!! Like fuck would I...

I moved over to the hole and whispered to the guy "I luv sucking cocks" after all I wasn't going to say it was my first time, so with that he stood up and poked his cock straight through the glory hole. At first I just looked at it then started licking the end and making his cock jump so I knew I was doing something right, then I started sucking the end moving his cock deeper and deeper into my mouth and the time licking his bell end making it just almost jump continually.

After a short while I'd taken most of his cock into my mouth as luckily for me he wasn't massive, around 6" but I wasn't complaining, it was great to at long last be sucking another guy off and in a public loo as well. I could tell he was starting to get really worked up as he was grunting a lot louder and moving his cock in and out of my mouth as well so I started sucking harder & harder and within a short while he came - the shock of him cumming in my mouth made me jump as it did feel really odd but I carried on sucking him and after a short while he pulled his dick from my mouth zipped his fly up and said cheers mate, I'll be here again tomorrow if you want another load in the mouth and he left the toilet. I sat back on the seat and within a few minuets of wanking came myself!

I left the toilet and it felt really weird, after all I never saw the guy I'd just sucked off, even more so as it was through a glory hole in a toilet wall - but having had my first bit of cock I wanted more so needless to say I'll be back tomorrow for another shot of cum...



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