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Bored in Dublin, that was till he got back to the hotel and saw the guy in Speedos - YUM YUM

I’ve never been a great fan of sending emails into contacts site but I found this site recently and a few of the profiles looked pretty hot so I thought I’d give this one a try - I noticed they have a section for stories and as this recently happened to me thought I’d drop you a line, BTW this is true it happened last week while I was staying in this hotel in Ireland.

I’d been out all day looking around the sights of Dublin and overall not that impressed could find one decent gay club or bar, looked right around Temple Bar and not one gay bar, so I returned back to the hotel feeling very horny and needing some type of action! Anything would do.

I was sat in the hotel bar drinking some wine and noticed the pool area that I could see below me so moved over so I could perve at the guys in their Speedos, you just can’t beat eyeing up decent bods with lycra swimming trunks on, there’s just something about looking at a guy knowing that just under those lycra shorts is a fucking great cock waiting for my attention, it was then that I noticed this guy swimming around and I was sure he was giving me the eye “hello, some fun!”

So I shot up to my room stripped off, threw on my shorts and got back down as fast as I could, when I got back to the pool I couldn’t believe me luck the guy had gone, in fact the sodding pool was now empty!!! So rather than walking back to the room I jumped in and had a swim for a while trying to cool of a bit. I got out and was walking towards the door when I noticed a sign for the sauna /steamroom and as I was here thought why not.

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