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Gay Bareback Sex or Safe Sex? It's something you'll have to consider or is it? After all you may have already have made up your mind that it's safe sex or no sex, but what if a hot guy wants you and he's only interested in going RAW what do you do?!!

We all know the implications of unprotected sex, but people that swing or have casual fuck buddies often still have bareback SEX !! And people that are into bareback fucking will give you every reason in the book why they prefer Raw sex, while guys that only EVER have safe sex will think they are crazy, so here's opposing views from 2 gay friends I know on Bareback v safe sex:

  • Mark from Birmingham - He's into Bareback and finds condoms a pain & a hassle to use, they ruin the moment & spoilt the spontaneity of SEX. "I Keep myself very clean and pick my bedroom partners carefully" - MORE
  • Pete from London - Very much in favour of using condoms & safe sex and finds these guys that complain that rubbers ruin the feeling need to consider the alternatives and except this very small adjustment in their sexual lifestyle - MORE

Some interesting views on safe sex or bareback and really to do a subject like this any really justice you could build a site around it!! I'm sure everyone will have different views, for myself as a active gay male I will only consider safe sex and it wouldn't matter if Brad Pitt wanted to fuck me bareback or not, without a condom he's not coming anywhere near me - That's as I sit here alone, thank fuck Brad's not next to me LOL - I could change my mind ;0)

Do you have any views on Gay Bareback Sex or Safe Sex? I'd love to hear from you and if you like I'd be happy to post your views on Gay-Ads


Bareback fuck buddy
hot & horny and ready for action - I live in Bristol medium build but only into Raw sex drop me a line for photos & more [ more ]

Horny Teen Guy
Starting to experiment and would love to try anal but will only consider safe sex. Can't accommodate but can travel for right guy [ more ]

To Old to Care
Mature guy & been fucking around for years so to put a boot on the old guy seems pointless - if you're into bare sex drop me a line [ more ]

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